Autonomous last-mile delivery.

Driverless vehicles bringing packages to your door.


Goal: Web application
Cost: 50 MD


We have created an application for BringAuto, which combines automation, robotics and the car into one product. Currently, with their autonomous car, they are working on the last mile delivery concept.


Project description

When it comes to autonomous vehicles, a huge amount of software is needed to control all their processes. If you also add delivery to the equation, more software is needed to process all the packages and delivery schedules. We have created such a software for BringAuto.

Thanks to the easy-to-navigate dashboard, you can plan the assignment of packages to specific autonomous cars, manage the timetable, monitor the current position of cars and much more.

The biggest challenge of this project was to come up with an ideal work process so that the assignment of packages and the planning of rides would be as smooth as possible. However, we didn't worry about this for long, because our developers quickly came up with an ideal workflow.

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