Personalized content creation in STRAPI v4 for insurance company Direct

Direct insurance is one of the top players on the Czech market. In 2019, it won the Best Insurance Company of the Year award.

Direct insurance company

Goal: Modular system for creating personalized websites
Cost: 90+MD
See it in action: | |


Direct's challenge was to unify several sites to create personalized content that can be created quickly. The creation is in charge of users who do not have programming know-how.

direct photo strapi


Direct needed to create more personalized websites ( , …) and needed a system to control them within:

  • Technological solution (improvements are immediately written everywhere)
  • Personalization (new content created in minutes)
  • Saving IT capacity (even a person who cannot code can edit the page)
  • Design of all subsections (design consistency)

At the same time, however, it needed the final solution to be sustainable and understandable so that:

  • Their dev team understood the solution and can make changes on their own
  • The solution worked with multiple roles
  • It can connect to multiple Front-end UIs
  • There will be no vendor-lock
user information in STRAPI v4


We chose STRAPI v4 as a solution, as we have many years of experience with STRAPI and it was a great fit for this project. In agile cooperation with the client, we created a solution within a few weeks and deployed it to production.

Using version 4 was a bold choice, but it paid off. The main challenge was to create a history plugin, which we released as an open-source package ( ).

According to our sources, this is one of the first production projects with v4 in the world. It was released only 24 hours after the release of version 4, although its preparation began earlier in beta versions.

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