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We have finished loads of projects. However, with loads of projects lots of NDA signatures go in hand. So we have done a lot, but we cannot tell you much. Fortunately, even though we cannot tell you anything about the clients, we can talk about the technological solutions we have used in general.


Nesnězeno helps restaurants reduce food waste by selling the surplus with a significant discount.

Each day, hundreds of meals are saved by their happy customers. The biggest challenge was ensuring the timely delivery of notifications and stability of the service, as most meals sell out in minutes.


Odkaz pre starostu

We developed a mobile application for citizens to report issues they encounter in their city to the local government.

People can quickly snap a photo of an issue, place it on the map and assign a category. After that, all citizens can follow the development of the solution. The biggest challenge was to create a friendly and intuitive interface for non-technical users.


A mobile application for on-demand delivery service based in Phillipines.

With Mober, anyone can ship a package easily without leaving the comfort of their room. The biggest challenge was building a seamless process of filling all the details about the package and the desired delivery.



We developed a mobile application for building inspectors. The main function is defect reporting. Inspector can take a photo of some defect and pin it on a plan of the building. The biggest challenge was to create a user-friendly and intuitive interface for non-technical users.


A mobile application for diverse employee benefits.

With Benefitpro, employees get a variety of exclusive offers that they can use daily. The biggest challenge was ensuring a real-time communication with the backend during verification.

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We are a young company and we completely understand what it means, especially from client’s point of view. We could just disappear in the middle of a project, like many other start-ups. We will not. You could take our word for it, but sometimes words are just words. However, a part of NOTUM is owned by Artin, a big reputable IT company. We can take care of your project on a long-term basis. You don’t have to be afraid that we will not stick around.

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