We believe in simplicity. Therefore, we have chosen NodeJS and MongoDB as these tools make the process of development much faster. And that means much cheaper, too. We can get along with other tools as well, but from what we have tried, working with these ones is much more efficient.


With NodeJS we can share parts of the code between web and the server; therefore, the overall process is just faster. It is a perfect framework in which everything takes less time than in other similar tools.


It is so fast it is almost impossible to believe it. However, it is still much more comfortable to believe in it than to contact dozens of endpoints on REST API that we were getting. We think that GraphQL will soon replace WebAPI and we have already prepared for it.

Mongo a PostgreSQL

Thanks to the combination of speed in case of Mongo and precision of PostgreSQL, we are able to cover every conceivable scenario in the developed app. Moreover, both of these databases are open-source, which makes the process much cheaper.


Python is a perfect tool when we work with an artificial intelligence. Beside that we use it to analyse obtained data and in case of specific servers.

.NET(C #)

We use this Microsoft technology mainly when it comes to bigger enterprise apps. The background of such a huge company is a warranty of a long-term software support. That is the way we perceive it, at least in moments when we are not reminiscing about Windows Vista.

Who Trusts Us

Our partners that trust us with software development.

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Our Strong Partner

We are a young company and we completely understand what it means, especially from client’s point of view. We could just disappear in the middle of a project, like many other start-ups. We will not. You could take our word for it, but sometimes words are just words. However, a part of NOTUM is owned by Artin, a big reputable IT company. We can take care of your project on a long-term basis. You don’t have to be afraid that we will not stick around.

Right place right time?

Let’s find out.

Old fashioned phone calls still work best.
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