We have finished loads of projects. However, with loads of projects lots of NDA signatures go in hand. So we have done a lot, but we cannot tell you much. Fortunately, even though we cannot tell you anything about the clients, we can talk about the technological solutions we have used in general.

Auction Site

We have designed an auction site in the form of a single page app with BE connection via REST API. The biggest challenge was the creation of the environment for bidding millions of Czech crowns. We were precise as usual, stressed a bit more.

Eye Control

We have created an app which is controlled by eye movement and human voice. First, we wrote our own library for a data transmission from an eye sensor. Using this library we were able to identify the object a user is looking at. Eventually, we implemented the use of voice commands along with pre-defined answers.

Vector set of isometric urban transportation on road. Cars with shadows on route, isolated on red background. Automobiles - bus, truck and others. City vehicles collection.

Parking Apps

Even though for some of us the best parking sensors are the bumpers themselves, we have successfully developed 2 parking apps.

The purpose of the first one is to monitor the paying clients on the parking lot using CCTV, the second one, which we have created for a pre-owned car store, uses relative coordinates and converts them into the GPS format.

App for Elderly People

Many elderly people do not understand new technologies. Maybe because of their complexity and because they are not used to them, however, maybe they just do not see any value in using them.

We have tried to change it at least a bit by creating an app for elderly people’s homes. In the app, elderly people can save their memories and milestones from their lives. All the memories are then transformed into a book, which design can be easily customized and which serves as a beautiful present for their loved ones.

old people

Trello Reporting

Reports are very important, but nobody really loves them, to put it mildly. Fortunately, we have apps. Apps do not care. We have developed an app which collects data from Trello dashboards and automatically creates statistics and also reports. We do not know, whether the app is happy, but it works well.

Focused on Trees

Longitudinal tree study requires accurate data. We have developed an app to collect and analyse these. An arborist simply takes a picture of the tree from several different angles and adds metadata such as measures or coordinates.

The profile of every saved tree is then exported to servers. To create an app like like this could be a bit strange task at first sight. However, we are not afraid of these. Be sure that the resultant data can provide much more information than just if anybody has gotten himself a Christmas tree overnight.

Technological Equipment Marketplace

We have designed and developed a virtual environment, where companies can offer their technological equipment for rent.

Industrial companies can make profit by renting the machines they do not need at the moment, whereas the ones in need can easily overcome the situation when their machine breaks while finalizing the product. It not a revolutionary idea, but it works perfectly. There is beauty in simplicity.

Who Trusts Us

Our partners that trust us with software development.

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Clients said about us

Our Strong Partner

We are a young company and we completely understand what it means, especially from client’s point of view. We could just disappear in the middle of a project, like many other start-ups. We will not. You could take our word for it, but sometimes words are just words. However, a part of NOTUM is owned by Artin, a big reputable IT company. We can take care of your project on a long-term basis. You don’t have to be afraid that we will not stick around.

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