Strapi v4 Plugin-Content-Versioning

Introducing our first STRAPI v4 plugin for the STRAPI Marketplace: Strapi Plugin-Content-Versioning.

strapi notum v4 content plugin

It provides the ability to switch between different content version as they were created.

The main benefits are:
✅ You can have multiple draft versions
✅ You can keep a history of all changes (with time travel)
✅ It allows you to have different versions of published and draft data


During the development of the plugin we were in close contact with STRAPI internal team and we would like to thank them for their support.
The plugin is currently in beta and we are using it in our application.

With that said there are exciting things that are yet to come for this plugin. Such as:
✨ Extension of functionality for single types
✨ Autosave during editing
✨ Update of the current version without creating new history item
✨ and many more




You can help us make it even more amazing
We are looking for excited developers and companies that would like to help us with development. So if you know someone let them know.

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Thank you so much and stay in touch for more plugins and updates on this one 🎉

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