STRAPI & Notum

We are the only Czech official implementation partner of STRAPI. We got access to the new features before they are officially released and, as a power user, our feedback gets directly to the STRAPI development team. We are entitled to discounts on licenses and when we come across a difficulty, we deal directly with the STRAPI core team. So far, we have solved everything we stumbled across.

We organize official Czech STRAPI meetups for those interested. You can read more on our medium website, where you will also find all the video records.

What is STRAPI?

STRAPI is one of the well-tuned tools we like to use. The friendly headless CMS in JavaScript simplifies many steps in building a custom API.

What does STRAPI help us with and why do we like it?

  • Set up of a project in minutes
  • Integrated user management, SSO, file sharing, emails, and much more
  • Effective subsequent development, an extensive system of existing plugins
  • Self-hosted - you can easily host with you and in the cloud
  • User-friendly administration out of the box
  • Each piece of code can be modified without the need for an eject
  • Rest API or GraphQL? STRAPI can do both
  • Open source, free a v JavaScriptu – jeden jazyk pro frontend i backend

Training or workshop

We consider training or workshops, which we prepare to measure for a specific customer, to be the best way to pass on our experience with the STRAPI tool. We can support your team in STRAPI implementation issues directly for your needs. We offer consultations for both emerging projects and existing solutions. You can easily define your requirements using a simple questionnaire, which helps us target the concept of the training or workshop so that the content is as effective as possible. Timewise, it usually takes half a day. You choose the form of training yourself - online or in person at your office, so it does not matter if you are not from Prague or Brno.

Tailor-made development, migration from an existing solution

In addition to the training focused on STRAPI, we can suggest a solution for you after consultation or advise you on what to avoid and what to look out for. We have extensive experience with the development of STRAPI CMS applications and, as a software development agency, we can of course also implement your intention

We know very well that not every project is a greenfield project. Our experience with the gradual migration of the existing website to STRAPI CMS is a great advantage. In this way, for example, we helped migrate one of the largest travel portals in the Czech Republic.

Where else can we be at your service?

Our projects in STRAPI run across the world from Japan, through Switzerland to the USA, but you can meet our developers who, live in Brno and Prague.

We are an agency for the development of web and mobile applications based in Brno and Prague. Our specialty is applications in JavaScript - React, ReactNative, Vue, Node and STRAPI (implementation partner), but we also know native mobile applications.

Are you still hesitant? Write to and we will give you 30 minutes free consultation!

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