Node.js developer

Node.js developer

Node.js developer


We are NOTUM and from Brno we create applications for the whole world. Our customers include companies like the Swiss Insurance Company, which is doing its startup, the Smartsupp chat widget, which sees 5M users every day, or, for example, the startup Arbo, which received an investment from YSoft and is going to save thousands of trees in city centers.


Node.js developer*ka

Chceš se posunout a hledáš další level? Pokukuješ po změně?

My jsme tvoje změna! Hledáme deva na super projekt pro našeho švýcarského klienta. Možná oceníš rychlý růst v oblasti technologií, full-scale agile team v zádech a pravidelné cesty do Švýcarska za klientem. To nezní špatně, ne?


The project is a combination of mobile and web applications with a common backend. The application is used to collect information in the field - taking photos, collecting and evaluating data with a strong focus on UX. In the future, it will also include real-time video communication. The web application functions primarily as an admin panel. The backend is in Nest.js and connects individual services. If the work is successful, we will meet this project in the Czech Republic and everywhere in the world.

Stack web app:

  • React 18
  • Typescript

Stack mobile app:

  • Expo 44 (hybrid app)
  • React-query
  • Typescript

Stack backend:

  • Nest.js 9
  • Typescript
  • Typeorm


  • GCP


We manage the project in two-week sprints. Code review is a matter of course and we have designs ready for all work.

Your future team:

For everything, you will have a partner to support you. We have 2 full scale teams on the project consisting of:

  • 2 PM
  • 3 UX designers
  • 7 developers
  • 1 QA

Main challenges, that awaits us:

  • The balance between MVP and rapid scalability that will be needed
  • Be a partner for the rest of the team (be there for technical decisions, and then help the team with their implementation)
  • Work in an international environment
  • You will have great power and freedom, but also responsibility
  • Cooperation with the machine learning team
  • In the next year, we expect the application to be used for tens of thousands of reports across several countries

What do we need from you?

  • Technologický must have: Node.js, Nest.js.
  • Docker, PostgreSQL, GCP, Jest.
  • Drive, team spirit, desire to learn new technologies. 
  • AJ na úrovni B2, protože komunikace s ostatními developery na projektu a účast na retru bude v angličtině.

What else might you be interested in?

  • In one year we completed 30 successful projects in a team of 25+ people
  • We are one of the best STRAPI implementation partners in the Czech Republic
  • We have clients from different corners of the world (Finland, Japan, Switzerland, America...)
  • We mostly work with STRAPI, Vue.js, React, Node.js  
  • We organize our own meetups (Vue.js and Strapi)
  • We take care of good relations in the team and treat ourselves to both fun and education together
  • We are open to new ideas and their implementation


  • Amazing team - we also like to meet after work for a beer or go hiking together
  • Internal workshops and training (hard skills/soft skills)
  • Snacks at the workplace + great coffee
  • Business laptop according to your preference (macOs, Windows, Linux)
  • Every week some joint event - breakfast according to taste, for example vegan or gluten free , teambuildings, BBQ or sports events...
  • Pet-friendly office
  • Multisport card
  • 25 days of vacation
  • Hybrid work – you meet with the team, but you can also do it from the comfort of your home or on the road
  • Headquarters right on Freedom Square
  • We support the planting of trees throughout the Czech Republic

Do you want to be convinced and get to know us a little more? Take a look at our instagram, to know who we are.

Now it's your turn! Let us know about yourself and we'll be happy to tell you more when we meet!   

We look forward to your answer!

Node.js developer

400 - 700 CZK / hod


Full-time / Part-time

Join us

The recruitment process

You can sit with us in the office in 3 weeks!

Hi, I'm Gab
I will be your main contact

Hi, I'm Míšo.
we will go through your motivation and further development together


Yo will have a call with Gab. We will talk about the possibility of cooperation and go through mutual expectations.


We will give you a task and an interview with Míšo. The goal is to talk about your level and ideally the way to growth.


Let's play darts together, have a shot and we will sign the contract.

Who else will you see?

Ondřej Janošík

Czech Slovak
Ondra is the CEO, holding a common vision and direction. His specialization is tuning people to the same wave.

Michal Poľakovský

Russian rapper and gypsy dance expert
Mišo is a project manager and the heart of the atmosphere in the office. He is a master of communication and giving feedback that will move you.

Lenka Kmeťová

Project management master
Lenka is a senior project manager. Lenka does big projects, often with a fixed budget. Thanks to this, he has extensive knowledge of healthcare, the aviation industry, but also construction.

Martin Čapek

Front-end sensei
Martin is a workshop master and senior developer. Do you want to commit without testing? You're out of luck, you can't get past Martin.

Tomáš Jakúbek

The Joker
Tomas is a slider of the impossible. On the front end, Tomas is not afraid of almost any challenge, he also made an application controlled by voice and eyes.

Lucie Landsmanová

Developerský zelenáč
Lucka k nám nastoupila jako úplný nováček, rychle se ale rozkoukala. Prošla si fází androidu a nyní se plně soustředí na frontendový vývoj a Strapi. Pokud chceš tip na veganský recept, je to tvůj člověk.

Michal Šima

Pugs&Techno lover
Šikovný tester a junior project manager, kterému láskyplně říkáme Mišoš, je vrchním vtipálkem kanclu. Na firemní party ho najdeš vždy ve středu dění… ale v dobrom!

Dominik Míček

Dominik is from Ostrava, but he shows up once a week and we are very happy to see him. As a developer, he shocked us with how well he maintains one application in several versions and on several platforms at once.

Leon Gattermayer

Athlete, don't tell him he looks like a football player 😀
Leon is a front-end developer, his talent is working with canvas.

Peter Chochula

Crypto fan
Peťo is a front-end developer. His specialty is working with time in applications.

Zuzana Janošíková

The organization itself
Zuzka is one of the most organized people on the planet. She is therefore a top tester.

Gabriela Jankovičová

Loves people.
Gabča is our beloved HR. Finding people is quite difficult because we don't just take anyone on the team. In addition, it plans great events such as teambuildings, summer cottages and delicious breakfasts.

Jakub Karpíšek

Mountain climber
Cuba is our junior mobile developer. They learn new things very quickly. He has a special ability to beat us in almost all sports.

Michelle Jantulíková

Dog lover
Michelle is a rising star in project management. But it also hides front-end skills.

Tomáš Jakl

Automotive hobby racer
Tomáš is a React Native expert, his specialty is mobile phones and their accessibility. He can control his applications on the phone blindly, really.

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