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Frontend development

Long gone are the times when front-end was thought to be “just” the presentation layer. Its development has shifted to the level of greater, more sophisticated applications and it’s now responsible for various tasks. With these tools, frontend development is as natural to us as water is to fish. That is why we won’t let your budget drown.

Backend development

We believe in simplicity. That’s why we decided to walk the path of NodeJS and MongoDB. These tools allow us to speed up the development. We are no strangers to other tools, but we genuinely believe these two to be most effective. One of these is STRAPI, framework that pushes effectivity to a new level.

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Mobile development

We usually develop native mobile applications with the help of Kotlin, Java, and Swift. But we’re also skilled with React Native or PWA and we don’t mind using them if they help us to better reflect our customer’s needs.

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Product design

We start with a pen and paper. Together with our clients, we create user-focused products based on usability research and testing.

Testing & QA

With the help of JEST and Cypress.io we create automatic tests that check the correct functioning of applications. What the tests do not automatically detect, we will fine-tune using manual testing.

Further development

Our application runs in the cloud with the largest provider in the world. In addition, you can always try it out in a test environment before the application is released.


We are fans of newest technologies and we’ll help you with their implementation.
We offer workshops on React and Vue.js.

At your company

A one-day training in a company focused on a specific topic worked for us. We maintain a number of projects in React and thanks to that we are able to deal with even more demanding problems.


We organize Vue.js meetups and STRAPI meetups in Brno. Sharing our knowledge of these frameworks with others is our passion, whether we do it offline at meetups or online at our FB groups.

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