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We don't like saying that we work for our clients.
In fact, we work with them.



We are absolutely transparent. We provide you with access to our internal reporting systems. Regular progress reports are a given.



You will become a part of our team. You will have the final say on budgeting and on every new feature. Each month we will plan the next steps together.


Code quality

Our code is clean, well-documented, and thoroughly tested. We value our time and yours, so we are very careful on the first try.

From our portfolio

Smartsupp widget

Smartsupp is live chat software that helps e-shops and websites communicate effectively with their visitors. It is currently used by over 100,000 sites.

`Development is fast and proactive. In addition to experienced developers, the advantage of Notum is also seamless communication.``

Vladimír Šandera
Co-founder | CEO
Smartsupp made by Notum

Trusted by the top innovators

In 2021, our organization entered into a contract with Notum Technologies to create two databases. Their team was able to provide us with an affordable and competitive quote and meet all the requirements we had for the sites. Our experience with the team members at Notum was always positive and they displayed lots of flexibility and willingness to meet our requests. Part of making a website is running into challenges and finding solutions, which Notum always did successfully. We are satisfied with the level of functionality and the overall look of the finished products. We would recommend this company to others also considering web design and development.

International Foundation for Electoral Systems


"We collaborate with Notum on development of Design System. We apply design thinking approach and agile development methods, so our requirements are constantly updating and we require flexible resource allocation to fit project needs. Notum was able to satisfy our needs perfectly. We appreciate their support and efficient collaboration on global level."

Masumi Ikeda | Chief UI Designer

Konica Minolta, Inc. (Japan)

Notum demonstrated excellent technical knowledge on the project, built a sophisticated and functional application that provided the management of train drivers. During the creation of the application, we were most surprised by their strong pro-client approach, their speed of response and assistance in creating solutions. The team excels in communication and efficiency.

Jiří Bouška

Co-founder, Východočeská dráha

Due to the lack of our development capacity, we turned to Notum Technologies for the creation of a special module for our key customer. The development of the module turned out to our full satisfaction. The development cooperation went smoothly due to the fact that Notum brought quality communication, project management and coordination of all parties involved.

Jiří Moučka

Company Owner - NAV Flight Services

We were looking for a team that can deliver high quality code under tight deadlines, while being embedded with our team, and Notum met those criteria perfectly. This was the first time working with Notum, but surely not the last.

Simon Heinzle

CEO of Codelane - Switzerland

"We have partnered with Notum technologies to develop a new chat widget. This is a key component of Smartsupp chat used by millions of web visitors each month. We have successfully launched a Beta version within 5 months. We rate the collaboration positively. Development is fast and proactive. developers, the advantage of Notum is also very good at communication. "

Vladimír Šandera

CEO, Smartsupp

"Our standards are at a fairly high level, so we are very careful when choosing a partner. Notum did not disappoint our trust and cooperation with them proved to be a good choice. Thanks to them, we are more efficient in the field and have a better overview of our data. management and the desire to push technological boundaries. "

Ing. Jaroslav Kolařík

CEO, Safe Trees

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