Mobile application for logistics

We improve logistics services in Phillippines thanks to a smart application for Android and iOS.


Goal: App for Android and iOS
Cost: 200 MD
See it in action: Project's web


We have created a mobile application for Mober that allows you to order the transport of a package and hand it over to a courier without the sender leaving the comfort of their home. The courier will then deliver it to the addressee on the same day!

Project description

Booking of vans and trucks to deliver goods in the Philippines became very easy thanks to our mobile applications.

O Filipínách jste pravděpodobně slyšeli jako o turistické destinací, každopádně my v této krásné a velké zemi provozujeme nativní aplikace pro Android a iOS. Díky tomuto systému si mohou lidé objednat dodávku, která jim pomůže přenést prakticky cokoli z bodu A do bodu B.

This project was a big test for us in terms of communication and planning. Our team of mobile developers fit perfectly and was able to cover customer requirements despite the time lag. After working with clients from America, it was again a change that we managed and we can proudly say that we provide our services literally all over the world.

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