Successful migration of Strapi to the new version

The result is faster pages and satisfied users, thanks to our customized migration plugin that made the entire migration process smooth!

Strapi migration

Goal: Migration of the entire site from Strapi v3 to Strapi v4.
Cost:  20 MD
See it in action: Project's web

Project context is a modern, open-source headless CMS, that enables developers to build API-driven projects efficiently. It offers flexible content management, API creation, and user management for building web and mobile applications. Strapi is a popular choice among developers for its ease of use, extensibility, and flexibility.

Our collaboration:

We are the official Czech partner of, with whom we have been successfully cooperating for 4 years. We have developed plugins for Strapi, including versioning, migration, and record locking. We also provide Strapi implementation, consulting, and training services to help clients build their Strapi-based solutions.


This time Strapi approached us as a client to migrate their entire site from Strapi version 3 to Strapi version 4..

The migration included complete data migration, user migration, content migration, and front-end modifications so that the new backend meets the client's design needs.


The migration process was complex and challenging for several reasons:

  • Custom fields, such as avatars and images were not part of the original migration script.
  • Nested content types required relationship and architecture changes to work properly with the changes made in the new version and to meet requirements.
  • Other challenges were migrating permissions and attaching previous Algolia settings to new content types.


We have modified our own Strapi migration plugin to meet the client's specific needs and solve migration problems.

Our team has added customizations to the plugin for user and component migration. We also made changes to the plugin to migrate all Algolia data, permissions and settings. Throughout the process, our team worked closely with the client, to ensure that all important data and configurations were properly migrated.


Our team consisted of 1 tech lead who consulted the database and Strapi, 1 developer and a project manager. Communication with the client was key for us to understand their requirements, resolve migration issues and ensure successful completion of the migration process.


Project duration: 1 month project and 1 month for fine-tuning and new development.
Uptime/Downtime: During the migration, the website wasn't offline at all, the whole project work was handled without any influence on the users.
Post-migration Issues: The correct migration and display of the dates, and synchronizing the app with Algolia -Both solved by the Notum team.
User Data Retention: About 99,9 % of data - 90 % were migrated by the migration script and the rest was migrated separately.
User Experience: Content publishing and page creation are now 50% faster. We effectively utilize the latest Strapi features and plugins like SSO, audit logs, chatGPT, and SEO, elevating the user experience.


We are proud that this project and its success could be one of those that further strengthen our relationship with Using our knowledge of Strapi migration, customization, and consulting, we have achieved excellent results. For example, we have successfully reduced the overall website build time from 12 minutes to 3-4 minutes.

But our journey with Strapi does not end here. Our goal, as an official Strapi partner, is to provide our clients with top products and tailor-made solutions. We, therefore, welcome potential partners who decide to explore with us the possibilities of future cooperation and innovation with the help of Strapi. Together, we strive to achieve lasting success while providing our customers with the highest quality services..

"Notum goes beyond being a service provider - they're a trusted partner. Their insightful guidance through the Strapi migration challenges was remarkable. 
It was a real pleasure to work closely with Notum in order to migrate our Strapi website application from v3 to v4. It was a challenging project which required good preparation and organisation but the team (Lenka, Dominik and Martin) brought all their efforts to make it a success!

Member of the Strapi team

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