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A web application designed to provide marketing agencies and their clients with seamless tracking, optimization and campaign management.


Goal: A web application for performance marketing and campaign management
Cost: 100 MD
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Project context

Tenalgo is a performance marketing agency that provides visibility for their clients' products on aggregators through paid advertising and helps to connect them with marketing agencies.


Tenalgo wanted a web application to provide their clients and marketing agencies with a user-friendly interface to track and optimize their campaigns. They also required an overview of payments, invoices, and the ability to make online payments.


The project was assigned to a Notum team consisting of a full-stack developer, a front-end developer, a tester, and a project manager. We decided to build the web application on Strapi, a content management system, that would allow for easy customization of the user interface, and enable the agency to create new users and relations within their app.

The following solutions were implemented to meet Tenalgo's needs:

  • A web application with a user-friendly and straightforward interface
  • A dashboard with an overview of all necessary information from both the client and agency sides, including a payment gateway
  • A Strapi instance for easy manageability of their project for Tenalgo
  • Excellent optimization for mobile devices

Challenges and solution:

Several technical challenges arose during the development process, including:

  • Pumping data from Google BigQuery into Strapi for regular expense updates
  • Pumping data from Strapi into Stripe for monthly expenses
  • Customizing Strapi administration logic to create a Client or Agency record simultaneously creating a User and sending an email
  • Notification of changes within the system

To address these challenges, the team implemented the following solutions:

A CRON script was created that runs every night and queries BigQuery for new data. This script goes through all active campaigns and fetches the necessary data.

A Strapi Extension was developed to modify the logic of creating a Client or Agency, which simultaneously creates a User and sends an email.

To monitor system changes, a nightly script was created. Despite the absence of an audit log in Strapi, the script scans all Clients, Agencies, and Projects for updates, utilizing their created-at and updated-at fields to send notifications as necessary.


Our team worked closely to develop a user-friendly and efficient performance marketing platform that met their unique needs. Despite our technical challenges, we implemented effective solutions that optimized the platform's performance and made it a success. We are proud of the outcome and look forward to continuing our partnership with Tenalgo on possible future projects.

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